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The Betel Leaf Co, India’s first FSSAI-certified paan brand, makes its debut in Delhi

The Betel Leaf Co enters the Delhi NCR market, reinventing and redefining how you eat “paan,” appealing to people of all ages and dietary categories, with the goal of bringing the heritage of a historic habit of eating a paan after meals to an omnichannel retail structure. They are India’s first FSSAI-certified online D2C paan company, ensuring that their goods are tobacco-free, acceptable for all ages, and delivered directly to your home.

After doing thorough market research, the creators discovered that, while paan was well-liked by many, it lacked respect, since there was a lack of standard quality, it was sold in filthy conditions without suitable packaging, and it was difficult to get.

With the globe in the grip of a devastating pandemic, Betel Leaf was established to provide simple access to this popular Indian post-meal treat, with the goal of revolutionizing it into the notion of a dessert.

Obtaining significant money at its launch. The Betel Leaf Co is developing an industry specialty product, which might lead to it being one of the few unicorn start-ups. Available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Mysore, Vizag, Ahmedabad, and soon Delhi and Gurgaon, they intend to offer their goods across India in order to be forerunners in the revolutionized paan scenario.

During the debut in Gurgaon, Prem Raheja, co-founder of The Betel Leaf Co., stated, “We are really happy to open in North India, given the amazing reaction we received from South, with our first shop being in Bengaluru.” Our concept is to resurrect an age-old Indian tradition that has lost its respect owing to Westernization and bring it back into everyone’s table to satisfy their post-meal cravings by preparing paan, a nutritious Indian dessert. We intend to demonstrate to our customers how adaptable a paan can be by introducing a diversity to the table and reinventing classic Indian dessert paan into a new avatar. We create our current paans uniquely, using our own recipes and high quality standards to ensure that there is no compromise in taste every time”.

Betel Leaf has merged technology and tradition with tried and tested techniques to ensure that the true flavour of paan is maintained. Betel Leaf is seeking to make paan a fun way to end your dinner, whether it’s for kids, the health conscious, or a treatment for hangovers, with a huge assortment of items to pick from. Flavored paans in 45 flavours leave you spoilt for choice.




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