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ADM and Benson Hill partner to scale innovative soy ingredients

For North American food ingredient markets

ADM, a global leader in alternative protein and nutrition products and solutions, and Benson Hill, Inc., a food tech company unlocking the natural genetic diversity of plants, have announced a long-term strategic partnership to scale innovative soy ingredients that will help meet the rapidly growing demand for plant-based proteins. The partnership will serve a variety of plant-based food and beverage markets to meet savoury, sweet and dairy customer needs.

Through the collaboration, ADM will process and commercialise a portfolio of proprietary ingredients derived from Benson Hill Ultra-High Protein (UHP) soybeans through an exclusive North American licensing partnership. The collaboration will scale innovative ingredients enabled by Benson Hill genetics that feature less-processed proteins with significant water and carbon sustainability benefits, representing an exciting new frontier in taste, texture, nutrition, and functionality for alternative protein solutions.


When combined with ADM’s broad expertise and capabilities in origination, applications and formulation, as well as current and expanded processing capacity for human food markets, the collaboration will create a pathway toward commercial-scale seed-to-fork production of higher-value alternative protein products.

The two companies will jointly engage farmer partners seeking opportunities to participate in the seed-to-fork food revolution.

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