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“Indian weather conditions make refrigeration the heart of F&B industry”

Elanpro, an organisation focusing on commercial refrigeration & food-service products in India for hospitality, retail and pharma industry, has a network of almost 700 channel partners in key districts of India and offers an international range of refrigeration and food-service solutions for hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream and beverage, food retail and the healthcare segments. Sanjay Jain, director, Elanpro.

Explain the need for refrigeration in the F & B industry and how Elanpro’s innovation can help in commercial refrigeration solutions.

Indian weather conditions make refrigeration the heart of F&B industry. The texture and taste of the product is quite dependent on appropriate refrigeration during the process. Not only temperature-sensitive products like dairy and meat, but also products like dough, vegetables and beverages need refrigeration. Not to mention, it is equally crucial at the selling point.

So, the refrigeration is unavoidable for F&B industry.

To be at pace with the new age dynamics, the company forayed in various fronts. It is working towards providing solutions at every stage of supply chain. Our recent acquisition of I Cold – an efficient cold storage provider will help providing end-to-end solutions to our clients. The company strives to bridge the refrigeration gap through its innovative products for hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, quick service restaurants, and retail outlet agriculture, dairy, ice cream and processed foods.

What is the company’s recent launch for the ice cream market?
Ice cream is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. We are trying to keep up with the fast pace through constant innovation.

Recently, we introduced Scooping Parlour for ice cream parlours, cafes, hotels and restaurants. The product provides a flexible way to optimise display of upto 12 flavours. Available in four sizes – 235l, 325l, 415l and 575, the new product assists in meeting consumer’s changing tastes without comprising with the visual aesthetics of the outlet and texture of the product.

The company has been providing its customers with customised solutions for consistent production flow. It has a wide variety of chest freezers, combi freezers and visi coolers which ensure long-term preservation and freshness of products. Equipped with tropicalised compressor, these products operationally allow a wide climate zone which suits Indian weather conditions.

The company strives to provide hi-tech, user-friendly products for the ice cream market. We are working towards introducing more products for this segment.

The company recently opened Elanpro Experience Centre in Chennai and Hyderabad. Detail out on the company’s upcoming experience centres and plans?
With the aim of expanding footprint in the southern states of India, we recently inaugurated our first Experience Center, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi and Vijaywada respectively. These Experience Centers are ultra-modern showrooms showcasing complete range of our refrigeration products apart from providing end – to –end services to customers. These centres are aimed at giving increased access to innovation and technology.

The company has been strategically working to expand access to various markets through its Experience Centers. New displays are being created across India to ensure that customers can have the real feel of the product and their features before even they buy the product.  We plan to continue the momentum and open more Experience Centers in Jabalpur and Bangalore by the last quarter of 2022.

What are the upcoming plans of the company?  
We plan to drive growth through innovative products. The company wants to continue its aggressive thrust in the commercial refrigeration market by launching new products for the food and beverage industry.

We aim at becoming an end-to-end solutions partner. We are working towards achieving the same through constant innovation. The company plans to continue providing comprehensive and customisable solutions that utilise technologies to envelop an entire operation and ensure increased returns and optimised refrigeration. The company also plans to open a manufacturing unit.

What are the trends and outlook of the industry, including growth?
The recent trends and statistics of the industry suggest the road ahead will bring innovative products that can increase profit margins. The rise of dark kitchens has led to ease of doorstep delivery.

We will see cold chain expansion because of the rise in dark kitchens. While cold chain is essential for perishables, cold chain monitoring is equally important. We are in the process of developing a remote monitoring system that can help monitor and send alert. A concept so far, we anticipate it as a trend.

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