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To tap young consumers Coke launches Dreamworld cola

Coca-Cola is launching Dreamworld—the fourth and final of its Coca-Cola “Creations” flavours in 2022—that the beverage giant says allows consumers to explore “what a dream tastes like.”

The soda comes in a can designed to complement its “playfully vibrant flavour notes” by “fusing whimsical shapes, electric colours and a 3D expression of Coke’s signature script to create an illusionary visual landscape” on the packaging, according to Coca-Cola.

Along with the product launch on Aug. 15, Coca-Cola is offering immersive digital activations to “provide a portal” into Dreamworld.

The Coca-Cola Creations platform, which debuted in February, was introduced to highlight the company’s signature beverage while drawing in younger consumers.

In the case of Dreamworld and the other three Creations beverages that came before it, Coca-Cola is trying to tap into gamers and younger consumers who will be responsible for a bigger share of the company’s sales going forward. It’s a similar strategy the company is tapping into with frozen drinks.

With limited-time products like Dreamworld, Coca-Cola can attract drinkers who want to find out for themselves what the mysteriously named soda tastes like. In addition, the uncertainty surrounding the name is likely to spark conversation, particularly among consumers online, further generating buzz for the item and potentially other Coca-Cola brands.

Coca-Cola’s other creations have included “pixel- flavoured” Byte and a strawberry and watermelon- flavoured collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist Marshmello.

Coca-Cola is no doubt hoping younger consumers will jump at the chance to try one of these novel drinks before becoming hooked on its other offerings, such as Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and Fanta. With soda consumption down sharply during the last 20 years, beverage makers such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo need to get creative to find ways to get shoppers to stock up.

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