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The Health Factory startup raised ₹2 crore expanded seed funding

The Health Factory, a pioneering Mumbai-based brand that brought protein bread for the first time to India, raised a 2 crore seed round of funding from Venture Garage, Vikas Nahar, Founder, Happilo, and other marquee angels.

Launched by Vinay Maheshwari, The Health Factory is a holistic F&B brand that combines nutrition, taste, science, and love in all its products. Vinay gained global exposure working across natural resources and pharma industries from a young age and understood the business know-how deeply. After being told not to eat bread too often because of its unhealthy characteristics, Vinay set out on a quest to find healthier variants and redesign nutrition without having to change lifestyles.

Vinay partnered up with Jos Vast, an expert in leveraging baking and science, and Mohit Sankhala to take care of manufacturing scale-up, quality control, and assurance, and that is how The Health Factory was born. The founders today have hands-on experience across all processes and are further working towards building a stellar brand that standardizes bread, breaks stereotypes and becomes truly known as the bread-wallahs of the country.

“At The Health Factory, we have been working hard towards producing everyday consumer products that don’t need changes in habits, but are extremely nutrient heavy, tasty, and good for you. With this seed funding round, we are grateful to see the investors’ confidence in us and their belief in our aim as well.

We will use the funds raised to scale and streamline our operations and manufacturing process, improve our IT infrastructure, build out a talented team and ramp up our marketing efforts. “We are excited to take this much-loved range of food products to other cities soon,” said Founder Vinay Maheshwari.

Today, The Health Factory produces a delicious range, including India’s first protein bread, available in whole wheat, multi-protein, and multi-protein lite variants, as well as Zero Maida bread. The breads have 6 diverse types and 300% more protein than any other breads found on the market, along with 20% fewer carbs, high-fibre, zero cholesterol, and low sugar and fat. These breads suit and are healthy and safe to eat for all ages and people, right from children to the elderly—a feat no other bread brand can claim.

Vikas Nahar, Founder and CEO of Happilo, said, The company has demonstrated excellent market fit and aligns perfectly with my vision and mission.” I am thrilled to be working with Vinay to bring this brand to every home in India. What distinguishes them from other manufacturers is their focus on producing a high-quality, daily product, giving them great opportunities to become a mass brand. “

Indian Millennial consumers are actively making healthy food choices daily, and THF is providing exactly that by substituting high-nutrition bread for our regular bread without sacrificing taste.” This is a fantastic way to eat healthy bread without changing your eating habits or disrupting your lifestyle. We really love his punchline, “Bread Badlo Aadat Nahi,” said Vivek Kumar, CEO of Venture Garage.

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