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Parle Products has introduced coffee-flavoured Kapi Candy

Parle Products has recently launched a filter coffee-flavoured ‘Kapi Candy’, targeting the coffee-loving youth; it will soon be available across India.

According to Krishnarao Buddha, senior category head, Parle Products, says that “Kapi Candy” was launched about three months back in South India. Then, in July, it was launched in the western market.

The name ‘Kapi’ is the popular nomenclature for the beverage in South India. As a result, the brand has clearly emphasised its South Indian connection. From the Carnatic music in the background, to its mascot wearing the traditional ‘veshti’ and ‘angavastram’, its ad is well-placed in its cultural context.

The brand already has a coffee-flavoured toffee called “Cafechino,” which competes with Lotte’s “Coffy Bite’. The new candy will be competing with the popular coffee candy ‘Kopiko’.

Buddha said that while their competition is selling it as a cappuccino candy, Kapi candy is different, as it is filtered coffee-flavoured.

Priced at Re. 1, it is primarily targeted at young adults in the 15–25 age group. The secondary TG remains kids.

“Candles are largely an impulsive purchase, and visibility is extremely important to generate that impulse. When one sees it in the store, they desire it. At times, it could also be the retailer promoting it. Sometimes, it is also given as a change, and once they like the taste, they ask for it the next time around.

‘Kapi Candy’ is just one of the many recently-launched coffee-associated products. Coffee, as a flavour in packaged food and drinks, is growing in India.

Buddha says the rising interest in coffee is due to its “cool” perception among young adults. “Coffee is exceedingly the in-thing in the country now, as young adults find it fashionable to drink it. “People feel tea is passé now. “

This initially started in the early-2000s, with the launch of coffee chains like Cafe Coffee Day and Barista. It was further boosted by the influence of western shows. And in recent times, with the entry of Starbucks.

Furthermore, D2C coffee startups such as Blue Tokai, Sleepy Owl, and others reimagined the coffee market, which had previously been dominated by traditional players such as Nescafe, Bru, and Sunrise.

Over the last five years, until July 2022, there have been more than 200 food and drink launches featuring coffee as a flavour across multiple categories, other than hot beverages, according to Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD). The nutrition and meal replacement category (15%) dominates these launches, followed by sweet cookies and biscuits (13%), and chocolate and confectionery (8%).

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