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Ben & Jerry’s launches new vegan ice creams—including the iconic Phish Food flavour

Ben & Jerry’s has finally launched its long-awaited vegan Phish Food ice cream after it launched in the US in 2021. The ice cream giant has also partnered with Tony’s Chocolonely to create a dairy-free flavour made from sustainable cocoa beans.

Ben & Jerry’s are launching two new vegan ice creams. Due to popular demand, the cult brand has veganised one of its most iconic flavours: Phish Food.

The chocolate ice cream, which features marshmallow swirls, caramel, and fish-shaped vegan chocolate chunks, will be available soon.

Ben & Jerry’s says the option will roll out to other supermarkets by early 2023 and is excited to be able to introduce a tub packed full of non-dairy deliciousness without compromising on any of the chunks and swirls that Phish Food is known for.

The ice cream giant has also partnered with Tony’s Chocolonely to tackle modern slavery and child labour in the chocolate industry.

To celebrate the brands’ commitment, Ben & Jerry’s has launched a vegan ice cream line, debuting this month, titled Chocolatey Love A-Fair. The chocolate ice cream is packed with salted cara-melt-in-your-mouth swirls and plenty of chocolatey and caramel chunks.

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