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FSSAI Approves GreenPod Labs Sachets for Fruit and Veggie Shelf-Life Extension

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) scientific committee has given approval to GreenPod Labs Sachets for the fruit and vegetable shelf-life extension category on Food Awareness Day, September 29, 2022.

GreenPod Lab’s sachets are the first in India to get this approval, and according to its founder and CEO, Deepak Rajmohan, finally, GreenPod Lab’s sachets are approved by the FSSAI, Food License Registration India Scientific Committee. “We’re proud that we’re the first company in India to get this approval for fruit and vegetable shelf-life extension. We have created a new category for this functionality.

He went on to congratulate his team’s efforts toward building a sustainable and safe product to solve the food waste and food loss problem in India. He ended the post by writing, “Please reach out to us if you’re looking for solutions to reduce fruit and vegetable losses at ambient temperatures.”

GreenPod Labs is an organization that has developed a product that can solve the major problem of food wastage that is safe and cost-effective. GreenPod Labs is a Chennai-based biotechnology company. GreenPod Labs’ proprietary solution extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables during storage and transport.

The agri-tech company’s active packaging solution activates in-built defense mechanisms in fruits and vegetables to preserve their quality. The solution comes in a small sachet that contains some powerful plant-based ingredients that also prevent the microbial growth of food items.

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