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Prasuma expands product portfolio, first to launch Bao Buns in India

The brand aims to sell 100 million units per annum in three years

Gurugram-based brand Prasuma is further cementing its stance as an innovation-driven brand with its latest launch of Bao Buns. Another first in the Indian market, Bao Buns are a variety of dumplings, hugely popular globally for their flavourful fillings and their delightfully fluffy, soft, and airy texture.

100 million Bao Buns are sold in Japan monthly, making them a veritable staple in Japan and extending to Southeast Asia.

Prasuma is introducing Bao Buns to the Indians as a convenient snack. An on-the-go delicacy, dumpling lovers can steam, microwave or pan fry the Bao Buns and enjoy a healthy snack that’s preservative-free, in just minutes. The variants start at Rs 89 .

The buns are filled with a sweet or savoury filling. Consumers can enjoy 6 variants including the authentic Bao filling of BBQ Chicken or Char-Siu as well as variants designed for the Indian palette including Butter Chicken, Chicken Keema, Veg Pizza, Spicy Veg, and Chocolate Crunch.

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