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Vecan Foods joins cohort of ‘smart protein’ startups with unique offerings

Consciously crafted plant-based meals, wholesome, convenient, and healthy – all in one

With ‘healthy alternatives’ feeling like they involve a sacrifice, people are often unwilling to give up beloved flavours and indulgences, and as a result don’t end up exploring plant-based foods. Enter Vecan – where founders Mahima Gupta and Guneet Kaur are on a mission to change this narrative.

Vecan has products that set themselves apart in a couple of ways. The founders noticed that in India, the most commonly available protein options for vegetarians are paneer and soya, and that people don’t seem to find these as exciting. The startup has developed products like ‘The Navabi Galouti’, ‘The Sunday Sausage’, ‘The Veggie-roni’, and ‘The Honest Nugget’.

Sharing insights on the ‘early adopter’ of plant-based meat in India, Nicole Rocque, Senior Innovation Specialist at the Good Food Institute India (GFI India) – expert nonprofit, thought leader, and convening body within the smart protein sector – notes that, “Young 25-44 year olds, living in urban cities in India are increasingly eating like their global counterparts. They view plant-based meats, eggs, and dairy as a more sustainable, secure, and just alternative where they can savor the dishes and flavours they know and love, without the guilt associated with conventional animal agriculture. At GFI India, we’ve supported a number of startups to enter the plant-based sector and we’re excited to have Vecan bring their fresh perspective and fantastic products to the table.”

Vecan is currently retailing across Delhi-NCR through their website and online platforms like Vegan Dukan and Foodie Soodie; the team is now looking to widen their approach with multiple B2B avenues, modern trade and distribution in other states to establish a pan-India presence.

“We want to be featured on menus in cafes and restaurants, in schools & hospitals, at events, and also find a special place in people’s homemade meals. Available to all, convenient for all, dish by dish, plate by plate,” says Mahima.

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