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Kikkoman boosts soy sauce supply to meet demand from Indian food processing industry

With soy sauce being used in nearly 90% of processed foods globally, institutional customers in India will require this all-purpose seasoning

As the world’s leading producer of naturally brewed soy sauce, Japanese brand Kikkoman is currently meeting the needs of the food processing industry globally. As the awareness and demand for soy sauce grows in the Indian food manufacturing industry, Kikkoman India will make efforts so that the Indian food processing industry becomes more aware of the value and necessity of using Kikkoman Soy Sauce as an all-purpose seasoning.

Soy sauce is not only used in Japanese or Asian dishes but also in over 200 cuisines around the world. According to a recent Innova Database report which covered information about new products and ingredients from 90 countries, soy sauce as an ingredient is used in nearly 90% of all processed food categories in around 70 countries.

These food product categories include ‘Sauces & Seasonings’, ‘Meat, Fish & Eggs’, ‘Ready to Eat’ and, perhaps more surprisingly, the ‘Snacks’, ‘Bakery’, ‘Confectionary’, ‘Dessert’ and ‘Ice Cream’ categories as well.

Kikkoman India has created a dedicated sales team so that food manufacturers embracing this new trend can use Kikkoman Soy Sauce in their products.

Kikkoman’s journey in India has already been marked by initial success. It has made deep inroads into the hospitality industry. In just 18 months since its launch, the high-quality and superior taste of Kikkoman Soy Sauce has seen steady sales growth in over 30 cities through its authorised distribution network.

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