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Five offbeat ice cream flavours with natural ingredients

Everybody loves a good cup or cone of ice cream. Just being able to have some of that cold delight has an irreplaceable quality to it. It is rare to see someone who finds ice cream boring or is worthy of hate. And these ice creams can range from eternal favourites like Mango, Chocolate, and Vanilla to some out-of-the-box flavours that will make you think twice.

However, there are quite a few offbeat flavours that will not just stay on the top of your list of best ice creams but can be on repeat mode. And they are made from natural ingredients that pack a punch and add good qualities to the ice cream.

The best thing is they can have their flavoured ice creams or be mixed with other natural ingredients for enhanced tastes.

Here are five offbeat ice cream flavours made from natural ingredients.

Nalen Gur
The Nalen Gur ice cream is made from liquid Nalen Gur, which is loaded with extremely healthy minerals for our bodies. It is prepared from the sap of the date palm (khajur) tree which is native to Bengal. During winters, the sap is collected in an earthen container hung on the top part of the date palm tree. Nalen Gur liquid is extremely rich in iron and potassium, which may help manage one’s hemoglobin levels. It also contains a good amount of magnesium, which is proven to be helpful for the human nervous system, muscles and bones.

Most of us are well aware of the very desi Falsa. This fruit also called Grewia Asiatica is a native of the Indian subcontinent. First discovered in the ancient city of Varanasi in India, this purplish fruit was taken to other parts of Asia and the world by Buddhist scholars. The best thing about Falsa is the heavy dosage of easily digestible vitamins and minerals. Health and taste go together in this fruit. They look and taste like grapes and are in drupes found in clusters. Many find it a bit sour & sweet. Despite the calories and carbs via natural sugars, it is a healthier option for the body to process. All in all, Falsa or Falsa-based Ice-cream would be a tasty option.

Many have lemongrass in their fridge or at least have seen it around the kitchen. It is a common item in almost every Indian kitchen. This herb native to India is a widely used one and adds its citrusy and tangy flavour to varied food items in its fresh, dried, and powdered form. This herb goes well with many other food items and flavours. It results in some unique combos that are a delight. Again, lemongrass has nutrients for overall well-being. The best thing is the aroma that this herb imparts. A lovely Lemongrass Flavoured Ice-Cream can be the thing to brighten the mood up.

Orange Basil
When it’s winter time it’s also time for Oranges. The citrusy sweet and sour taste is loved by everyone. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C, are good for our health, and help in keeping our immunity high. To the orange ice cream, we add finely chopped Basil leaves which impart its distinctive flavour and aroma to the Orange ice cream. Orange and Basil combine well and it’s a truly delicious flavour to savour in the winter season.

Musk Melon

Called Kharbuja in Hindi, Muskmelon is a sweet fruit that has a very fibrous texture. Muskmelon is a fruit that lends itself very well to ice creams because the flavour of Muskmelon very nicely transfers itself when converted to ice cream. Muskmelon can be made into ice cream as well as a Sorbet. Ice cream made from Muskmelon has pulp and pieces of Muskmelon added to the ice cream mix and churned well in a freezer till it becomes semi-hard. It is then evacuated and filled in containers for all to savour. It is a truly delightful flavour that is instantly loved by all who partake in it.

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