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Jade Forest unveils a new line of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages

Jade Forest, a premium non-alcoholic beverage brand, has carved out a space for itself with a variety of delicious beverages by combining botanicals in their most true and natural form. Founded in August 2019 by pioneers and entrepreneurs, Shuchir Suri and Punweet Singh, these exuberant beverages leave a delightful trail with each sip thanks to carefully selected spices, fruit, and herbs.

Launching a new line of great-tasting drinks made from several natural ingredients, these beverages build on the success of the company’s existing offerings and expand their range of products to meet the evolving needs and preferences of consumers. Like all of the company’s beverages, the new line is made without artificial sweeteners, flavours, or colourings, and is naturally low in calories and sugar.

The New Range :
Cucumber and Mint Tonic Water is a non-alcoholic mixer that combines the flavours of garden-fresh cucumbers and mint. The newest addition to the ever-growing range of beverages, this combination of flavours is designed to create a refreshing and well-rounded taste. A versatile beverage that complements a variety of spirits, this tonic water represents the start of the summer it has been launched and appeals greatly to consumers who are looking for healthier, more natural beverage options.

The two newest ginger ales, on the other hand, are the first of their kind to use real honey to create that sweetness. The Spiced Ginger Ale is made with real honey, and whole ginger, and is infused with hints of bold and fiery cinnamon that leaves you on a spicy note. This combination is designed to create a fragrant, flavourful drink that is energising and packs a punch with every sip. The Tropical Ginger Ale, infused with the goodness of real honey, whole ginger and fresh tropical fruits, is a drink that transports the consumer to an island state of mind. The fruity and sweet taste of the fresh tropical fruits complements the spicy flavour of ginger that leaves its patrons refreshed.

Mango Lush Premium Iced Tea, perfect for the summer, is an exquisite blend of juicy Alphonso mangoes, sweet peaches, and white tea. As you take your first sip, you’ll be greeted by the bright and tangy notes of mango, followed by a subtle undertone of fuzzy peach, complementing the fruitiness of the mango perfectly. Beautifully crafted and packed with antioxidants, this iced tea is delicious and wholesome at the same time.

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