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Asahi Kasei introduces revolutionary Premium Wrap in affordable pricing

A saviour for many problems in one humble disguise, the premium wrap has created a significant revolution in the kitchen of working couples and nuclear families in India, who need to make their food preparations last longer, particularly, keeping in mind the current situation where work-life balance is amiss. One cutting-edge technology kitchen product that has revolutionised the way for both experienced and amateur new home cooks in the kitchen, while saving time and yet ensuring a hassle-free cooking experience for culinarians of all levels, is Asahi Kasei’s Premium Wrap – the latest innovation in the food storage, cooking and freshness space.

Keeping in mind the high demand in this segment, Asahi Kasei has launched a new version of the Premium Wrap in 10-meter size for the end users who can now enjoy quality at an affordable price of only Rs 149 after discount.

One can store food using the Asahi Kasei Premium Wrap to prolong the freshness and edibility of the meals you cook so nothing goes to waste and is safe to consume the next day. Storing items such as raw vegetables, fruits, poultry, seafood, roti dough and much more without fear of discoloration or oxidisation. The new product keeps food crisper and fresher for longer by locking in moisture and preventing oxygen from flowing through. It makes packing and storage of food items at room temperature or in the refrigerator more efficient. Because the product is made of PVDC (Polyvinylidene chloride) cling film, it is wrinkle-free and simple to rip off and wrap. Simply pull out the needed quantity of wrap from the roll, seal the box, hold the flap down on the thumb mark, and rip along the cutter edge. Premium Wrap is much better for storing acidic foods. It doesn’t react with anything and the thin film also means it’s very malleable.

The product is much better than the regular aluminium foil for keeping marinating meats fresh inside the fridge. For most fresh foods, the Premium Wrap can seal produce tighter than aluminium foil. It’s ideal to keep food fresh like leftover foods and for packing chapati as you can stop them from oxidising. Furthermore, it is perfect to store or reheat any kind of Indian or exotic preparation in microwave without removing the wrap. It can withstand heat up to 140 degree C.

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