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Novozymes raises bar for fresh texture and shelf-life in baking

Focusing on texture and maintaining a soft, fluffy and resilient eating experience throughout shelf-life

Since 1990, the use of Novamyl in baking has contributed to saving more than 80 billion loaves of bread from being thrown away. Now, Novozymes makes significant advancements with the new member of the Novamyl family: Novamyl BestBite.

The newest Novamyl baking product from Danish firm Novozymes, called Novamyl BestBite, has been developed to put texture at the forefront of baking while delivering significant improvements in freshness, ultimately improving shelf-life and lowering food waste.

With the use of the new biosolution, Novamyl BestBite enhances the characteristics of its predecessors, but with a much stronger focus on fresh texture and the optimisation of recipes, allowing producers to reduce dependency of added sugars in their products.

When added to the baking process, Novamyl BestBite creates a baked good that is fresher than fresh and increases the shelf-life of the product, without compromising on the eating experience for the consumer.

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